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Topic #1: Level III Data Capture

Level III data capture is one of the fundamental ways fleets have been able to rein in costs over the last decade. Many card programs claim to have Level III data – but not all Level III data is the same. Learn why it’s critical to capture data beyond the basics.

Topic #2: Alternative Fuels

The network of alternative fuel merchant locations is doubling each year – from electric charging stations to CNG. Ensure you can make strategic decisions about your fleet’s make-up and stay on top of the latest technology.

Topic #3: Flexible Card Types

Learn how assigning cards to groups of drivers or vehicles can help you gain more efficient reporting.

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WEXConnect Mobile App helps you find fuel

WEX Connect

Your drivers can easily find the closest pit stop with the best fuel price using the free WEX Connect app. The app provides nationwide coverage and even locates sites with diesel, E85 and CNG.

Level III data with WEX

Level III Data

Managers of larger fleets can use Level III data – such as driver ID, odometer reading and product purchased – to help reduce and eliminate improper fleet card usage and streamline business operations.