Not all fleet cards are the same.

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Other fuel cards and credit cards may claim to have the same functionality as WEX, but there are critical differences that can be costly to large fleets. WEX delivers three key advantages to large fleets just not available with other card options:

Level III Data Capture

Our proprietary fleet card network captures Level III data, including vehicle ID, driver ID and odometer readings, at 99.8% of accepting locations. That information can help you rein in costs, reduce administrative time and create a more holistic fleet strategy.

The Value of Money

The WEX Large Fleet Card program allows you to hold onto your money longer, while our flexible payment terms can deliver you a higher fuel rebate. The result? Increased access to capital and investment potential for your business.

Closed-Loop Networks

The WEX closed-loop network is designed to limit your exposure to unauthorized purchases. You can control purchases by person, product category and merchant, as well as time of day and day of week. Plus, you enjoy enhanced reporting and reduced costs.

Other WEX Large Fleet Card benefits help you save money and time managing your fleet:

  • Savings of up to 15%* off your fuel budgets
  • Custom reporting that enables large fleets to report by region, business unit or cost center
  • Ability to set cards up as Driver Cards, Vehicle Cards, and create custom profiles
  • Award-winning 24/7 customer service for you and your drivers
*Actual savings may vary.


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WEXConnect Mobile App helps you find fuel

WEX Connect

Your drivers can easily find the closest pit stop with the best fuel price using the free WEX Connect app. The app provides nationwide coverage and even locates sites with diesel, E85 and CNG.

Level III data with WEX

Level III Data

Managers of larger fleets can use Level III data – such as driver ID, odometer reading and product purchased – to help reduce and eliminate improper fleet card usage and streamline business operations.

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